The beauty of AdviCoach is that you are the product – your clients are seeking your guidance, rather than buying a product. It’s not a transaction, but a relationship. That means the start-up investment, overhead and fixed costs moving forward are minimal… and you can work from wherever you choose.

Key Factors Include:

  • No office or storefront required – get up and running and achieve positive cashflow quickly.
  • No employees, inventory or cost of goods = high profit margins
  • A simple operating model – focus on client acquisition and service and generate income.
  • Proprietary, state-of-the-art technology systems to support all aspects of your business: operations, marketing, client servicing and support, communications and more.
  • Low investment, minimal risk and limited start-up costs
  • Coaching vs. sales… a completely different customer dynamic.
  • Relationship-based – build a network by helping others be successful.
  • Unlimited scalability: you can be a self proprietor or bring in Associates or Principals, creating multiple reoccurring revenue streams.
  • Flexibility – You can live and work from anywhere with a phone and an internet connection.
  • High-growth industry = Recession resistant. In fact, small business ownership often increases with economic uncertainty.