AdviCoach Ann Connor Focuses on Team Work & a Variety of Clients

Ann Connor - CurrentAnn Connor’s background in restaurants compliments her personality for coaching people to succeed. When she started looking to make a career change, a franchise with AdviCoach was a perfect match. “I was going after the coaching/consulting kind of thing, so I did my due diligence in looking at coaching companies. At AdviCoach, I liked their business model better. I liked their fee base better. I liked the fact that they were a brand new company, so I got in on the ground floor,” Connor says. She has been with AdviCoach for eight years.

For someone with a background in the fast-paced world of restaurants, coaching small businesses fits the variety of employees, customers and not to mention, the food choices, that they’re accustomed to. “The types of clients I have range anywhere from restaurants to septic companies to graphic designers, marketing and sale companies,” Connor says. “I’ve had over 200 clients since I started. I had clients from lots of industries. My favorite industry is restaurants, but I don’t focus on any one of them. I just focus on the business model. My relationships with my clients are more partnerships. It’s not like I’m just sitting around telling them to do things a certain way and I sit back a watch. We, together, attack their business as a team. I have a real team approach on how I take them from where they are to a different level of their business.”

In fact, team work with clients is only one part of the team that Connor has with AdviCoach. “What I like about AdviCoach is the other AdviCoaches,” Connor says. “We all get along really well. We help each other all the time.” She frequently receives calls from other coaches, even coaches she doesn’t know, who are asking for information or they would like for her to her them work through a problem. “And, I know that I can call any AdviCoach in the system if I hit a snag that I don’t really know how to get through,” Connor says. “We have so much fantastic variance that I know I can pick up the phone and call, and I can get an expert.” AdviCoaches come from a variety of backgrounds, from corporate drug companies to privately owned construction and consulting companies.

AdviCoach continues to strengthen their company of franchisees by referring to their coaches’ background expertise to help them with the overall team. “I also like the fact that the franchisor makes us part of the solution if there are any issues in our process,” Connor says. “We can bring up any issues, and they’ll actually look at it and put together a task force to fix it. And, we’re part of that task force, so we have our hands all over this business.”

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